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Why the name ‘Appian Way’?

The Appian Way was the main road of the Roman Empire and during that era it was the world’s most important road.

The road was lengthened several times until arriving at Brindisi on the Adriatic coast, where boats left for Egypt, Greece, North Africa and other far reaching parts of the Roman Empire.

The Appian Way was commonly called the “queen of roads” and was the reason for the famous saying “all roads lead to Rome”.

The Appian Way was the main factor that allowed the Romans to efficiently move their forces and keep them adequately supplied to become a formidable force.

Over the centuries, Appian Way became recognised as the pathway that helped the Roman Empire build its considerable wealth.

Meet the Principle



Masters Degree in Financial Planning  (UNSW)
Commerce Degree in Banking and Finance
Advanced Diploma of Financial Services
Diploma of Mortgage Broking
Senior Associate – FINSIA
Accredited Mortgage Consultant with the MFAA

Patrick started working within the Finance Industry in 1995 and his career has taken him around the world working at a number of institutions including Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse First Boston.  Patrick returned to Australia with the goal to own and operate his own financial planning business and to provide advice to Australian to help them achieve their objectives.

He is also an avid golfer, has a passion for military history and still enjoys running around the football field every Saturday afternoon during winter.

“I have always got a kick out of and really enjoy helping people. I am not good with blood so the medical industry was never my calling! I like working with numbers so financial advice was a natural fit.  These days there is nothing better than helping someone buy their first home or retiring with more money than they ever expected.”

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